Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not So Expensive Repairs

Ah life, it’s always something. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

We recently hit a patch of mechanical malfunctions - first the car died dead, then the computer, then our cell phone, then both of our phone outlets.

In the past this would have thrown me into a complete tailspin. Now I just shrug and deal, without any unnecessary expenditure of angst.

The car problems, a blown transmission, were against all odds covered by special warranty.

The computer repair cost $175 and it still sounds like a wheezing old geezer. I think that a new tower is in our future. Hopefully not our immediate future. We HAVE to coast through this summer in survival mode.

The cell phone was a lost cause. We received another donation of a used phone and had it hooked up to our account. I keep swearing to myself that I won’t keep it and won’t renew my contract, but a cell phone sure does come in handy sometimes. PLUS I hate using public phones, if you can even find one these days. For some reason I keep getting outrageous cell phone bills and I really do need to close the account before the summer pinch.

We were talked through our phone outlet problems by the good people at our cable company. So without too much fuss and bother we are back up and running at 100%.

Speaking of repairs, daughter J and I had our hay fever/spring allergies both clear up recently. Once we could smell, we discovered that the living room furniture we’d gotten from my brother’s condo reeked of cigarette smoke. We need to deal with that AND get Jeanne some properly fitted work clothing ... again, things that will have to wait until fall.