Friday, June 26, 2009

At The Villa Of Reduced Circumstances

I work for the public school system, so I am now off for the summer. It's terrifying because I'll get a 3 week pay check at the end of June, NO CHECK AT ALL FOR 8 weeks and then will get a partial (2 week) check at the end of August.

I've job hunted, ran an ad under Work Wanted on Craigslist, mentioned it on Facebook, got on the county TAC (temp) list, the school district summer help list, applied at stores online etc. No jobs have popped up. I'm willing to do absolutely anything for $10 an hour. I'm not applying for local temp agencies though. I signed up for 5 of them last summer and to this day have not ever gotten a single call from any of them.

So I guess there's nothing to do but to "grab a bottle and hunker down till dawn" (to quote Karen on an episode of Will & Grace.) I do have some interesting activities planned for the summer though and lots of time to blog, so I'll be posting more often.

I'm trying desperately to get a 12 month job with the school district, have tested and interviewed and am now on half a dozen hiring lists. I expect a break in that area this fall. Our air conditioning died out about a week ago and we got by, here at our home in the desert which we affectionally call The Villa of Reduced Circumstances (with a nod to Alexander McCall Smith), for 4 days before the landlord fixed it. Even though we were enjoying triple degree temps, I was good natured from beginning to end of the ordeal. What else can you do? He brought us a room a/c and we stayed in the living room throughout.
I've known this summer was coming and am really mad at myself for not stockpiling food. I managed to keep the bills paid throughout the year but I'm trying to have faith that God will provide some of the other stuff.

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