Monday, January 17, 2011

My Writing Style

I found a site through facebook where you cut and paste something you've written and it tells you what famous author your writing style is like. I used one of my blog entries and it turns out that I have a similar writing style to David Foster Wallace - whoever that is. I looked him up on amazon and read some of his reviews. One said that he had a "razor sharp writing style with a mercurial mind that lights on many subjects." Well, I certainly subject hop but most people call that ADD.

Another review said that he brings a "humane sobriety to his subjects" and I have certainly lived my life as sober as a judge! Does the similarity end there? I'll have to read some of his writing and let you know.

Daughter J & I spent the weekend looking at cars and searching for an apartment that will be close to my job. It will be so wonderful to live together again. We love the same food, the same TV shows, have a lot of the same interests and our general energy seems to jive.

Now that I am no longer poor as a church mouse, now that my inheritance is finally starting to come in, I was tempted to end this blog and start over. But this housing search has made me realize that continuing to live within my means is more important than ever! The challenge is just beginning. I can afford to go out and rent a nice house, or anything I want actually. But to continue to afford it as the years go by ... that's the important part.

We made a list of what our "must haves" in a home are. They are to have a washer & dryer, a full sized working kitchen, a sliding glass door that leads to a back yard or patio, so we can put in our dog door. It was quite a challenge but today we finally managed to find a place that fit our criteria. And by not renting a free standing house, we had to give up something. This place has no garage or storage or covered parking. So there you go. But by staying with something as nice as possible but still affordable, we will be able to be comfortable there for a long time to come. Now we just have to qualify ...

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eeboo2 said...

Hola, mi amiga! I finally have haunted your blog...and ya need some more writings on it, my friend! And don't forget to Zumba, your body will get mad at you if you stop going!!! LOL Miss ya, Debster, and hope to see ya soon:-)